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Oct 18, 2017

Predictions: Chappers 71; Catman 66; Kastle 65   Game of the week: Falcons vs. Patriots Dumpsterfire of the Week: Jets vs. Lolphins   Chappers: Patriots, Lolphins Catman (picks made by the Queen): Falcons, Jets Kastle: Patriots, Jets

Sep 20, 2017

We're BACK FOLKS . . .  kind of like Texas football 😂🤣

Predictions: Chappers 69; Catman 66; Kastle 65   Game of the week: Falcons vs. Lions Dumpsterfire of the week: Browns vs. Colts NCAA GotW: Georgia vs Miss St.   Chappers: Lions, Colts, Georgia Catman: Lions, browns, Miss St. Kastle: Lions, Browns,...

Aug 30, 2017

Predictions: Chappers 68; Catman 66; Kastle 65 Florida State vs. Alabama, Michigan vs. Florida, West Virginia vs. Virginia Tech; Darlington Chappers: Alabama, Michigan, VT, Denny Hamlin Catman: Florida State, Michigan, VT, Jimmie Johnson Kastle: Florida State, Michigan, VT, Ryan Blaney

Aug 23, 2017

NFC East Chappers- Cowboys Catman- Cowboys Kastle- Redskins   NFC West Chappers- Seahawks Catman- Seahawks Kastle- Seahawks   NFC North Chappers- Packers Catman- Packers Kastle- Packers   NFC South Chappers- Falcons Catman- Falcons Kastle- Buccs

Predictions: Chappers 67; Catman 65; Kastle 65 Mayweather - McGregor Chappers-...